Budleigh Unwrapped

We are a small independent retailer of dry goods such as beans, pulses, rice and pasta. We also stock an excellent selection of herbs, spices, oil, vinegar, nuts and seeds.

Naughty Corner

Catering to the sweeter tooth, our “Naughty Corner” is choc-full of chocolate, carob and yoghurt coated treats to tempt the tastebuds.

Vegan and Gluten-Free

Many of our products are vegan, and we have a good range of gluten-free pasta, flour and muesli. We stock the multi-award-winning Solkiki chocolate bars along with fizzy sweets, gluten-free, vegan boiled sweets and raw vegan chocolate coated almonds.

Coffee Corner

Organic loose leaf tea and locally roasted coffee beans are available in “Coffee Corner”. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a grinder; we can always grind your beans for you (ouch!).

There is a selection of teapots, infusion balls and a range of beautiful caddies for tea & coffee storage at home.

Cleaning Products

We have an extensive range of cleaning products for the home and personal hygiene products for you. These include soap, shampoo, conditioner and bubble-bath along with washing up liquid, detergent, sanitiser and softener.

Zero Waste

Classed as a “Zero Waste” shop, we strive to be eco-friendly and therefore encourage our customers to bring empty bottles, jars and Tupperware, etc. to fill up and take home again.

Reusable Bottles and Jars

We have a selection of reusable bottles and jars that are available to buy. Dry goods can be taken away in a paper bag and decanted into your favourite container at home.

Less Waste

We produce over 2 billion metric tonnes of waste each year. Of this, only 13% is recycled and 5% composted. Projected figures suggest that by the year 2050 the amount of waste produced worldwide will increase to around 3.4 billion metric tonnes every single year. This situation must change

Less Packaging

Food wrappers, containers and other packaging materials contribute significantly to the amount of waste we produce. We opened Budleigh Unwrapped to help address this problem. We want our customers to refill and reuse their empty containers, bottles and jars.

Better Tomorrow

All great journeys start with a single step, and reducing our waste output is a step in the right direction. Join us on our journey to improve the impact we have on the environment. Together we can all look forward to a better tomorrow.

How it works

Bring along your empty jars, bottles and containers. Weigh each one and print a container label. Stick it on your container. Fill up with whatever takes your fancy. Head back to the scale, scan the container label then plonk your container on the scale. Using the screen, select the product you filled up with. The system will subtract the weight of your container from the total weight so you only pay for what’s in it. Print a new product label and stick that to your container as well. Take your shopping to the lovely shopkeeper who will scan your goods and tell you what the total price is.

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