Each week we feature a recipe that showcases some of the wonderful ingredients available from Budleigh Unwrapped. All of the ingredients are available on Budleigh High Street. This week we turn our attention to Adzuki Beans.

adzuki beans

Adzuki beans are linked to several health benefits, ranging from heart health and weight loss to improved digestion and a lower risk of diabetes. Why not try this wonderful alternative to standard hummus which substitutes adzuki beans for chickpeas.


240g adzuki beans cooked (about 120g dry weight)

65g tahini paste

60ml olive oil (55 g)

juice of 1 lemon

30ml water

15ml vinegar cider or wine vinegar

2 cloves garlic

15g fresh coriander leaves

1/2tsp salt

1/2tsp ground cumin

1tsp ground coriander


Simmer the adzuki beans for 50 mins or until soft. Use twice as much water as the amount of beans and top up if necessary.

Place the cooked beans and all other ingredients, except the olive oil, into a food processor and blend for 1 minute. Continue blending and slowly drizzle the olive oil into the mixture. Keep blending until smooth.

Serve with carrot sticks/bell pepper sticks or whatever takes your fancy.

Should keep for up to a week if covered and kept refrigerated. Don’t forget about re-usable beeswax wraps. A planet-friendly alternative to cling-film.